Unambiguous terminology

Especially for technical documentation, clarity and comprehensibility are among the most important criteria for text quality. This also means that there should not be different designations for one component. That is why the importance of terminology in technical translations is increasing.

Defining clear and unambiguous technical terms not only makes life easier for translators, but may also help to improve in-house communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Terminology free of charge

Along with each translation, we generally provide a glossary with important terminology from the translation. We can thus ensure that the same terms are used not only in the text to be translated, but also in future translations.

If you would like to benefit from clearly defined terminology apart from translations, we will be pleased to support you with the creation of individual corporate terminology.

Terminology management

As comprehensive terminology is only useful when up to date and generally available, we will be pleased to formulate an individual terminology management concept together with you.